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Guided Meditation

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This is Healer George's most popular Energy Balancing Guided Meditation.  Please listen to it seated in a chair with your back supported and the eyes closed.  Choose a time when you will not be disturbed as the meditation takes you quite deep into the Self

Sample of a regression Guided Meditation, i.e. looking at past life connections for a two friends.

 George E Lockett - Regression Guided Meditation - 40 minutes

Realizing Your Dreams, focuses on the Third Eye and the Pineal and Pituitary Glands and works with the Heart Chakra.

 Realizing Your Dreams Guided Meditation - 27 minutes

Here is a general body awareness meditation, which can be listened to with the eyes open or closed.  This is a short Guided Meditation, ideal for use in an office while seated at a desk.

 Office Relaxation and Awareness Meditation - 10 minutes

Five Elements Guided Meditation help you to understand how the Elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water interact in our bodies to bring health and happiness to our physical system.

 George E Lockett - Regression Guided Meditation - 40 minutes

 Five Elements Guided Meditation - 32 minutes

The Humanity's Guided Meditation gives us an understanding of how we interact with the planet.  A vision for the future of a planet interacting as one in peace and harmony.

 Humanity's Guided Meditation - 20 minutes

Recorded at Bard College, Upper New York State June 2005 

 Bard College Meditation - 45 minutes  

Superb Energy Balancing Guided Meditation, designed to take you down the layers of your physical body and balance the energies at each level. 

 Five Elements Guided Meditation - 34 minutes

To download to keep a copy of the MP3 recording on your computer:

download Five Elements Guided Meditation 34 minutes

 Connecting to Earth and Universe Guided Meditation - 52 minutes


 Humanity's Team Guided Meditation - 19 minutes

Download Humanity's Team Guided Meditation 19 minutes


 Weight Balancing Guided Meditation - 40 minutes

download Guided Weight Balancing Meditation  40 minutes  

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